Natural Causes:  How Climate Change Wrote History


Brooke, John

Climate Change and the Course of Global History:  A Rough Journey

Diamond, Jared

Collapse:  How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed

Fagan, Brian

The Little Ice Age:  How Climate Made History 1300-1850

The Great Warming: Climate Change and the Rise and Fall of Civilizations

The Long Summer:  How Climate Changed Civilization

Harper, Kyle

The Fate of Rome: Climate, Disease and the End of an Empire




Salem Witch Trials:

Rye Ergot Poisoning Theory:

Wikipedia Ergotism

Wikipedia Medical Explanations of bewitchment

Poisons of the Past by Mary Kilbourne Matossian

Witchcraft or Mycotoxin? The Salem Witch Trials here or here

Lyme Disease Theory:

Wikipedia Medical Explanations of bewitchment

Disguised as the Devil: How Lyme Disease Created witches and Changed History by M. Drymon

The Maya:

Did Pulses of Climate Change Drive the Rise and Fall of the Maya?

Development and Disintegration of Maya Political Systems in Response to Climate Change

The Vikings:

Vikings versus Climate Change

Warm Climate Lead to Viking Expansion

Why Did Greenland's Vikings Disappear?

The Harappan/Indus Valley Civilization:

Climate Change led to collapse of ancient Indus civilization, study finds

Fluvial landscapes of the Harappan civilization

200-Year Drought Doomed Indus Valley Civilization

The Tang Dynasty, China:

The Rise and Fall of the Chinese Dynasties Tied to Climate Change

The Roman Climate Optimum, Disease and The Roman Empire 

Wikipedia entry:  Historiography of the fall of the Western Roman Empire

Wikipedia entry:  Fall of the Western Roman Empire review of "Fate of Rome" by Madeline Ostrander When Rome Fell, the Chief Culprits Were Climate and Disease. Sound Familiar?

LA Times Opinion by Kyle Harper: Was the fall of Rome a biological phenomenon? (Was the fall of Rome a biological phenomenon.pdf) by Kyle Harper:  How climate change and disease helped the fall of Rome

Journal of Interdisciplinary History:  Climate Change during and after the Roman Empire: Reconstructing the Past from Scientific and Historical Evidence ( Climate Change during and after the Roman Empire.pdf)  6 Ways Climate Change and Disease Helped Topple the Roman Empire

LA Times Book Review of "Fate of Rome" by Ellie Robins: How the Environment Topples Empires: On Kyle Harper’s “The Fate of Rome”

Human Evolution and east Africa change:

The Mongols:

Mongol Empire Rode Wave of Mild Climate, Says Study

Warm, Wet Times Spurred Medieval Mongol Rise

Pluvials, droughts, the Mongol Empire, and modern Mongolia

Wet Weather May Have Turned Back Mongol Invasion

Mongol hordes gave up on conquering Europe due to wet weather



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