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Field Guide to the Wildlife of Phillips Academy: Insects

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    Friday, 13 July 2018
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    Jerry Hagler
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Dragonflies and Damselflies (Odonata){gallery lightbox_autostart=1}PA/Dragonflies{/gallery}  Grasshoppers, Katydids and Crickets (Orthoptera){gallery lightbox_autostart=1}PA/Dragonflies{/gallery} 
Earwigs (Dermaptera){gallery lightbox_autostart=1}PA/Dragonflies{/gallery} Cockroaches (Blattaria){gallery lightbox_autostart=1}PA/Dragonflies{/gallery}
True Bugs, Hoppers, etc (Hemiptera){gallery lightbox_autostart=1}PA/Dragonflies{/gallery} Beetles (Coleoptera) {gallery lightbox_autostart=1}PA/Dragonflies{/gallery}
Nerve-winged Insects (Neuroptera){gallery lightbox_autostart=1}PA/Dragonflies{/gallery} Sawflies, Wasps, Bees and Ants (Hymenoptera) {gallery lightbox_autostart=1}PA/Dragonflies{/gallery}
Butterflies and Moths (Lepidoptera){gallery lightbox_autostart=1}PA/Dragonflies{/gallery} True Flies (Diptera) {gallery lightbox_autostart=1}PA/Dragonflies{/gallery}