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This course uses Openstax Biology for AP Courses as the main textbook.  This is an online-only textbook (although it is available in a pdf version for easy printing). This book is free, open source and carries a creative commons 4.0 license, so it is perfectly OK for anyone to download, modify and republish this book (as long as attribution is proved along with other requirements (as noted in the license link provided above).  There are two main locations where you can find this book

  1.  At the Openstax Biology for AP Courses webpage here (https://openstax.org/details/books/biology-ap-courses).  Here you can also download a pdf or Kindle version of the book, and even order a print version. There is also an app (iOS and Android) available at this site to support use of this book.
  2. The Openstax Biology for AP Courses (Andover edition) [https://biology.andover.edu/Joomla/index.php/andover-biology-department-textbooks/openstax-biology-for-ap-courses-textbook-for-bio58x-sequence]. 

For now the Openstax and Andover editions of this book are basically the same and can be used interchageably.  Hpowever, over time the Andover version will likely accumulate edits, additions and other changes made by Bio58x faculty.  We will do our best to inform you of such changes and where to expect them as they are incorporated into the text.

There are also two alternative textbooks.  Use of these two books is not a requirement of the course, but may come in handy as an extra resource:

  1. Cambell Biology (11th edition).  There are several copies of this book available on reserve at the OWHL.
  2. Kimball's Biology, an online only textbook also available in multiple locations


Other useful books: