Limiting Dilution Analysis

Limiting dilution analysis attempts to determine the frequency of cells having a particular function that are present in a mixed population of cells. There are many techniques, e.g., staining with monoclonal antibodies, by which one can determine the number of cells bearing a particular "marker" (e.g., CD4) in a cell population, but these techniques may over- or underestimate the number of cells able to perform the function associated with cells bearing that

The Cytoskeleton

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Cells contain elaborate arrays of protein fibers that serve such functions as:

  • establishing cell shape
  • providing mechanical strength
  • locomotion
  • chromosome separation in mitosis and meiosis
  • intracellular transport of organelles

The cytoskeleton is made up of three kinds of protein filaments:

  • Actin filaments (also called microfilaments)
  • Intermediate filaments and