The table below lists all animals found and identified in the Experimental Plots so far this year:


Two years ago, the Phillips Academy Biology Department, with the help of the Phillips Academy Office of Physical Plant (especially with Russell Stott, Senior Manager--Campus Design, Sustainability & Grounds), established five experimental garden plots on a portion of the Gelb lawn just north of the Gelb Science Center.  Each of these plots are small, roughly 15' x 4' in size, but are protected from the usual groundskeeping activities that keep the surrounding PA lawns in such good

Dragonflies are remarkable beasties......proto-typically big "bug" eyes, four see-through wings, catchy coloration and interesting and complex flight patterns, these nasty insect predators can be seen all over the place flitting about picking off smaller insects for a quick meal or perching precariously at the end of a grass stalk.  Since we started the experimental garden plots over next to the Gelb Science Building (north side), dragonflies have shown up in the area in