Dragonflies are remarkable beasties......proto-typically big "bug" eyes, four see-through wings, catchy coloration and interesting and complex flight patterns, these nasty insect predators can be seen all over the place flitting about picking off smaller insects for a quick meal or perching precariously at the end of a grass stalk.  Since we started the experimental garden plots over next to the Gelb Science Building (north side), dragonflies have shown up in the area in abundance.....no

The focus of this course would be to explore the concept of apocalypse through the examination of prophecy (biblical, year 2000, Maya 12/21/12 scare, etc), the consideration of other parapsychological phenomena (and the psychology of belief) and real, hypothetical and imaginary apocalypitic threats from nuclear warfare (with ties to physics, chemistry, biology and environmental science), biological warfare and terrorism, threats from space (an astronomy connection), biology of zombies and