Humans are bilateral and have biaxial symmetry. However, small variations in body symmetry occur. One foot may be slightly larger than another and we might never know. Because the eyes are so important in communication the condition called heterochromia iridium is very noticeable. Body plans are very noticeable aspects of the phenotype.

In guppy courtship the male displays himself to the female. Some males are more orange than others and some males have asymmetry

If a plant species with a diploid number of 32 is crossed with another plant species with a diploid number of 24, what will be the diploid number of the resulting first generation of offspring? After the zygote multiplies to form a mass of cells, what is the chromosome number of each cell?
  1. 32, 28
  2. 24, 24
  3. 28, 28
  4. 28, 32
Compare and contrast sex determination in birds and mammals.
  1. In mammals, sex is determined by the presence of XX

Due to global climate change and pollution, a lake experiences changes in temperature and pH. The lake has many species, including sexually reproducing frogs, water fleas that multiply by parthenogenesis, hydra that multiply by budding, and sponges that multiply by fragmentation. Which of these species will most likely survive the changing conditions of the lake?
  1. hydra
  2. sponges
  3. water fleas
  4. sexually-reproducing frogs
Why is sexual